About The Maronite Foundation

The Maronite Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2008 and operating under the auspices of his Beatitude the Maronite Patriarch of Antioch and all the East.

The overriding objective of the Foundation is to raise the awareness of the Lebanese expatriate communities regarding their legal rights such as their eligibility to the Lebanese citizenship and their right to vote.

The Maronite Foundation also seeks to awaken the Maronites around the world to their heritage and consolidate their links with their Lebanese and Maronite roots.

On the local front, the Maronite Foundation strives to lobby the Lebanese government and the legislative body in taking the necessary action to advance laws related to helping the Lebanese immigrants regain their Lebanese citizenship. 

About The Maronite Academy

The Maronite Academy is an initiative undertaken by the Maronite Foundation, aimed at introducing young Lebanese immigrants around the world to their country of origin, Lebanon. Selected candidates undergo online sessions (e-learning sessions) that will build their knowledge about Lebanon and the Maronite Heritage.

After successfully completing their online courses, the winners will benefit from an organized two-week trip to Lebanon every summer, all expenses covered by the Maronite Foundation. During their stay in Lebanon, the candidates will get to bond with their roots and get further in touch with the history of Lebanon and the Maronite Heritage through various site visits and seminars, given by prominent figures.

Goals of The Maronite Academy

  • To re-connect the ties between the Maronites in Lebanon and their fellow Maronite diaspora across the globe
  • To strengthen the Maronite Heritage and legal citizenship affiliation to the land of Cedars
  • To promote Lebanon as the spiritual motherland of Maronites worldwide


​For the seventh consecutive year, the Maronite Foundation held from August 3 till August 18, 2019, the Maronite Academy, a non-profit initiative, which seeks to get the youth of Lebanese immigrants acquainted with the land of their ancestors, their motherland, Lebanon. 

The Board of Trustees

A Board of Trustees presided from 2006 to 2015 by former Minister Michel Edde and from 2015 to 2018 by MP Neemat Frem, is currently headed since November 2018 by Mr.Charles Hage.

The Board of Trustees manages an office presided by the President and the Vice-President, who are appointed by His Beatitude the Patriarch.


H.E Michel Edde

Honorary President


MP Neemat Frem

Honorary President


Charles Hage



Rose Choueiry

Vice President


Antoine Wakim

General Secretary


Hassan Amil



MP Amal Abou Zeid


Jacques Kallassi


Pierre Massaad


Bernard Tannouri


Georges Saghbini


Dany Aoun

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