How to Become a Member?

All Maronites, locals or expatriates– regardless of their gender - assuming public responsibilities or occupying prominent posts in both the public and private sectors, whether in the social, cultural, economic, financial or political fields, may join the “Maronite Foundation in the World”. By submitting an application to the Board of Trustees, this board is the only one entitled to accept or reject an application without possibility of reviewing this decision. Each member accepted will sign an agreement in which s/he accepts to abide and commit to the rules of the Foundation and its bylaws, and to pay an annual fee throughout the period of their membership.

The General Assembly

Since its foundation to date, nearly sixty members have been affiliated to the “Maronite Foundation in the World”. Most of them are prominent actors in the economic, political and social fields who meet annually, in the seat of the Maronite church, headed by the Patriarch.

The Executive Board of Trustees

A Board of Trustees chaired from 2006 to 2015, headed by former Minister Michel Edde and then from 2015 to 2018 by MP Neemat Frem. Currently it is headed by Charles Hage, who assumed his position in November 2018. The Board of Trustees manages an office presided by the president and the vice-president, who are appointed by the Maronite Patriarch.


The Late H.E Michel Edde



MP Neemat Frem

Honorary President


Charles Hage



Rose Choueiry

Vice President


Antoine Wakim

General Secretary


Hassan Amil



MP Amal Abou Zeid


Jacques Kallassi


Pierre Massaad


Bernard Tannouri


Georges Saghbini


Joseph Estephan


Thierry Abi Nader


Danny Aoun

The Board of Trustees Members

The board supervises and manages the Foundation for a three year term, which is renewable. It consists of 52 members appointed by the Patriarch, from among the affiliates to the General Council. The members follow up to enshure the correct implementation of the Foundation's mission, as well as its execution.

François Bassil

Walid Raphaël

Sarkis Sarkis

Philippe Jabre

Philippe Hélou

Elias Doumet

Joseph Feghali

Rachid Rizk

Gilbert Ghostine

Karim Jose Kabche

Tarek Chehab

Tarek Khalifeh

Pascal Abou Jaoude

Gilbert Chaghouri

Pierre Daher

Sarkis Nassif

Fadi Zouki

Miled Khoury

John Shalala

Antoine Doumet

Salim Eddé

Jean-Gabriel Eddé

Maroun Eddé

Elias Eddé

Antoine Frem

Chafic Frem

Rabih Frem

Pierre Choueiri

Léna Choueiri Nahas

Hady Nahas

Labib Ziadé

Wafaa Trabulsi

Tony Lababidi

Fady Chamoun

Georges Ghossayn

Richard Jreissati

Victor Trad

Dr Francois Abi Fadel

Foundation Antoine Choueiry

Foundation Farid Raphael

Perpetuity Georges Frem

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